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TMI provides multi-channel Card payment solutions to Banks and PSPs from our secure single platform, facilitated by our comprehensive range of technical and operational services.

TMI enables our Customers to increase and improve their Card payment acquiring capabilities while decreasing their capital and operational costs.

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All Card payment channels from our single, white-labeled platform




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TMI’s Payment Gateway processes all major Cards, assuring maximum Consumer access to your Merchants

Fully Secured

TMI’s platform is fully PCI DSS and EMV compliant, providing security in all transactions
Payments can be integrated with all major shopping carts and Merchant functional applications, assuring accuracy and convenience in every transaction


Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment allows Card payment without physical insertion of the Card into a reader, facilitating rapid acquisition of Card data and payment. Contactless payments reduce Consumer time at the counter and increase Merchant sales volumes.

All TMI POS/mPOS terminals and supporting systems provide contactless card payments.

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Bank Administrators and Merchant Managers have full access and control of their payments environment and data analysis capability through our Admin Portal

We offer a full suite of functions that facilitate Card payments



Tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive data with a non-sensitive equivalent, referred to as a token that has no extrinsic or exploitable meaning or value. Tokens minimize exposure of sensitive data, reducing the risk of compromise or accidental exposure and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

TMI provides tokenization for all online and MOTO transactions, per Bank requirement. Tokenized information is stored at TMI’s PCI DSS compliant facility and available as an option to Merchants.

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Installment payments

Installment Payments offer Merchants the ability to drive more sales to Consumers that cannot afford merchandise in a single purchase. Merchants can levy additional fees for such payments while increasing consumer loyalty.

TMI provides installment payment capability to Consumers paying by Credit Card, per Bank requirements. Installments can be configured within Bank limitations per Merchant preference.

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Subscription Payments allow Consumers to continue payments per an agreed schedule in order to maintain product and service delivery. Subscription payments apply to a wide range of recurring payments and, combined with tokenization, allow Consumers convenient and timely management of their recurring needs.

TMI provides subscription payment capability to Consumers paying by Credit Card, per Bank requirements. Installments can be configured within Bank limitations per Merchant preference.

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Dynamic currency conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion provides real-time currency conversion on the acquiring side of the transaction, instead of the Cardholder’s Issuing Bank making the exchange after settlement.

TMI provides dynamic currency conversion capability in 164 currencies, in conjunction with the Bank’s FOREX operation. This capability allows the Bank to generate additional revenues from currency exchange as part of the payment acquiring service.

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TMI’s Payment Gateway integrates securely and seamlessly into the acquiring process

Additional Value

TMI provides full operational and technical support, assuring effective value delivery to our Customers
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