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Quick and simple card acceptance

Shopping by telephone order remains a popular outlet for Consumers, particularly for television sales.
Merchants prefer payment prior to delivery and require a secure portal, integrated with their order management system.

TMI’s MOTO service facilitates quick and simple card acceptance over the phone, assuring accurate order taking and fulfillment, and Consumer satisfaction.

About Virtual/MOTO

MOTO Features

  • Simple online access by Bank/Merchant call center
  • Delayed settlement available to facilitate payment on delivery demand
  • Integration with mPOS also supports payment on delivery
  • Fully secure
  • Tokenization available
  • API available for integration with Order Management system

MOTO Benefits

  • Backup support for failed Card Present transactions
  • Assures quick and secure payment, minimizing operator time on call
  • Emailed receipts

Sectors Benefitting from TMI MOTO Payments

  • F&B takeout outlets
  • Florists
  • Television sales
  • Wholesale outlets
  • Any business where the Customer calls to order and pay

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