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Seamless online payment!

As eCommerce is one of the largest growth segments of retail today, Banks need to offer the most cost-effective payment solutions to their Merchants expanding into this segment.

Secure seamless payment integrated to Merchants’ sites is essential for eCommerce success.

At TMI, we offer flexible online payment solutions targeted to meet the needs of the most demanding eCommerce Merchants


For Banks

  • Cost effective access
  • Improved offering to Merchants
  • Improved Merchant retention
  • Increased Merchant acquisition
  • Increased acquiring revenues, support issuing revenue growth

For Merchants

  • Tokenization available
  • More ways to collect payments
  • More customers available
  • Analysis tools for Customer payment patterns
  • Easy to use management tools

For consumers

  • More payment options
  • Pay anytime, anywhere
  • Secure
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