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Payments anytime, anywhere!

Merchants, both in the shop and in the field, increasingly demand bringing secure Card Present payment capability directly to the Consumer.

Secure, convenient mobile payment capability, integrated with Merchant’s functional applications increases options for both Merchants and Consumers.

TMI’s suite of Mobile Payment terminals and applications delivers cost effective, fully secure solutions for every Merchant situation

About Mobile

Product Features

  • Simple, one time setup
  • Runs on all Android devices
  • Uses WiFi, 4G, 3G or Edge
  • Immediate authorization of transactions
  • Instant email receipts to your customers; SMS optional
  • PIN pad for secure cardholder present transactions
  • Full transaction reporting and management
  • Competitive pricing

Benefits from Using TMI Mobile Payments

  • On-the-go payments acceptance, replace COD
  • Secure payments anytime, anywhere. Accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, including local branded Debit Cards
  • Real-time authorization
  • Integrated in to backend reporting system

Sectors Benefitting from TMI Mobile Payments

  • Field Sales
  • Retail Outlets
  • Tradeshows & Conventions
  • Insurance Sales
  • Trades and Associations
  • Independent Contractors
  • On-Site Services
  • Retail/Household Deliveries
  • Medical – house-calls and emergency call
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